Thursday, March 29, 2007

Knitting Club

Whoa, the weather is scorching; almost 80 degrees yesterday!!! Isn't this still March? I have been home for a week after visiting my daughter in Michigan for a month and haven't unpacked everything yet. What to do, what to do. I have four boxes of yarn in the trunk of my car just waiting for me to use it. After seeing my four grandchildren and getting caught up, I have made some time to knit!!! I went to my first knitting club in Maryland last night at La Madeleine in Rockville. It is a full service restaurant with lots of atmosphere. I met Morgan and Pam. Morgan also hosts another knitting club in downtown Silver Spring where more people attend. Knitting clubs are the best. You learn lots of knitting techniques as well as where to buy great yarn! I learned about a yarn shop in Rockville in King Farm named Woolwinders. Hope to visit it soon.

Monday, March 26, 2007

I started knitting when I was 8 or 10-years old. While recently visiting my daughter in Michigan, I became interested in all of the items she was making (sweaters, socks, felted bags, etc.) and picked it up again. The last thing I knitted was a sweater, hat and booties while I was pregnant with my first daughter 35 years ago!!! In the past month, I have experienced knitting a cable, starting a sweater for my granddaughter, Cassidie, knitting with circular and dpns, and completing a hat and one convertible mitten.

My future projects include: finishing the other mitten, making several felted bags, a shrug for my granddaughter, Britney, and sweaters for me and my twin 10-month old grand-son and -daughter.

I have learned how to pick up droppd stitches and fix a number of errors through the "Oops" video. I recommend this video to everyone--old and new knitters.

Our Family 2006 holiday picture. Back row: Me, granddaughter Cassidie, daughter Tina and her boyfriend Steve; Front row: granddaughter Britney, daughter Lisa, grandson Chace, granddaughter Taylor.