Sunday, May 27, 2007

Practice Sock / Shawl

Practice sock Shawl
Since one of my next projects is going to be knitting some socks, I have been busy making a practice sock, and, although I had to redo the heel several times, I think it came out pretty good. I have also been busy knitting a shawl. Originally it was for my sister to take on our cruise to Alaska, but it is a little small. The pattern was only to use one skein, but I used two and it still wasn't big enough. Therefore, I am giving it to my granddaughters.

I am still trying to finish the shrug for Britney, have started a felted tote, and am trying out a sock pattern my daughter, Tina, created. Hope to finish the shrug before I go to Alaska next week, although it is hard to put down the other items I am working on. I have, however, finished one of the blankets I was crocheting, and started another for one of the five babies that are due this year!!!!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Cassidie's sweater / Linus Blankets

Cass Sweater Blanket Linus Blanket

Here it is, finally finished!!! For my first sweater, I think it looks (and fits!) pretty good. I have also been crocheting blankets for the Linus Project. My Red Hat group donates blankets to needly families, shelters, Katrina victims, etc. Here are pictures of two of the blankets that are in progress.

I am also working on my second pair of convertible mittens, as well as a shrug for Britney, and another felted purse. Wait!!!!! I thought I was going to attack those socks next. Oh, well. They will come, don't worry.

Felted Bag / Convertible Mittens

I finally took pictures of my felted bag and convertible mittens. I am now on my way to sew Cassidie's sweater together and start on a pair of socks. Yippee!!
Felt purse Convertible mittens